Bible Journaling Jump Start
Bible Journaling Jump Start


by | Nov 6, 2021

SUSANNE BIRGESTAM:  …longed for a way to combine my hobby with my faith,…

Hi, my name is Susanne Birgestam and I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my husband and 16-year-old daughter. The family also includes my husband’s adult children with their respective families. I work as an administrator at the Salvation Army National Headquarters in Stockholm.

Before I started Bible Journaling, I had been doing scrapbooking for over 15 years and had longed for a way to combine my hobby with my faith and my desire to share my Christian faith. It was also difficult to find time both for my hobby and to try to create relationships with people outside the church and I started to pray over that.

Then, about 7 years ago, I got the idea to start scrapbooking courses at the Salvation Army corps in Södertälje where I am a member, and suddenly I could both practice my hobby and get to know people who otherwise don’t go to church.


A couple of years ago, I also discovered Bible Journaling and included it in my courses, which allowed me to combine even more things. With Bible Journaling I can pursue my hobby, have time with God, create relationships with people outside the church, and tell them about my faith.  What an answer to prayer!
I’ve also been to large Scrapbooking fairs several times where we sit several hundred people together and do Scrapbooking and then it’s perfect to sit with Bible Journaling.  I have had several interesting conversations with people who come forward and ask what I’m doing and I am able to share my Bible Journaling with them!

You can find me at the following social media accounts;

Instagram (in english): @biblejournalingsuss
Facebook (in swedish): biblejournalingsuss

Pinterest: biblejournalingsuss