Bible Journaling Jump Start
Bible Journaling Jump Start


by | Jul 7, 2021

RUTH BOCCUZZI:   I began Bible Journaling and my perspective changed


My name is Ruth and I feel so blessed (and surprised!!) to be the artist for the month of July!  

I grew up being creative and being surrounded by generations of creatives.  I am so grateful for having that!  I learned to sew, but once I discovered paper crafts, they quickly became my favorite.  I work in a small town Candy Shoppe. I make cards and candy boxes for the shop and enjoy all the creative things.  

I discovered Bible journaling in 2015.   This was the year my now almost 24 year old daughter went off to college.  I had a lot more time by myself and it was quite an adjustment.  But very quickly I began Bible Journaling and my perspective changed. I had something to look forward to……quiet time with Jesus.  I’m currently crazy for the Memory Dex cards. I love doing things differently and experimenting with new creative ways to do things. I try to do art every day, because it really changes my focus, and it makes my day start out less stressed.

I believe that God helped me find Him in a new, and creative, way and that has changed me. I’ve been blessed with so many new friendships in real life and online.  I’m so grateful!  I’m involved in ladies Bible study at my church and often the things I learn, from what we study, will show up somewhere in my morning art. The Bible is so full of messages that there is always inspiration!

You can find me on Instagram here:  @lattegirlie and @lattegirlspaperlove